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💫 7 messages changemakers find useful to keep going when the mountain seems too high

The July Spark

💫 The July Spark

This is the monthly newsletter from Bemari where we talk about how to not get lost in sustainability.

Sustainability space can be challenging and the results might not always come as quickly as we’d like. This month we want to share some messages that we hear other changemakers find useful when they feel overwhelmed.

  1. Sustainability transformation is not easy and everyone else is struggling on this transition. You are not alone, your company is not the only one and there is a community out there. Who could you connect with this week to share experiences and challenges and see what you can take forward?

  2. Sustainability is not a formula - it is a transition and a mindset. All changes matter and roll up to a wider seismic shift - making a change in areas of your control and influence, even though it might seem small, will result in a bigger change. Next time you want to buy something, could you challenge yourself to see if you could get the same functionality without buying, buying new or by buying from someone for whom the purchase will create more benefits?

  3. Regenerative and restorative practices are the way towards system sustainability. No organisation can be sustainable or regenerative on its own, but a sum total of businesses that operate with a regenerative mindset, restore nature and build capacity of our systems and people to thrive lead to system resilience and sustainability. What are the actions you can take in the next month that would help restore nature or enable someone to be successful in what they do?

  1. We all have different roles to play - we are consumers, educators, influencers and decision makers in some capacities... Governments and companies change under a critical mass of pressure - research has shown that if 25% of the population gets behind something that's the tipping point to drive change. Wearing these different hats, we can create critical mass - it doesn’t have to be a majority. What powers of your influence have you not yet utilised?

  2. There are many practices that you are probably already undertaking and actions you are taking that are making a difference. What if 5 more people did them or you applied the same logic to 5 more areas within your area of impact?

  3. As a changemaker, sometimes it might seem that your message is not landing. It may be simply because your audience and stakeholders process information in different ways - some need facts, some needs vision, others need practical actions to run with and others need something that is aligned with their own agenda. Is there a different way you could present your message to that challenging stakeholder that resonates with them better?

  4. It might feel like you have to keep going because the crisis is so urgent. Sometimes you just need to take a break and recharge - changemakers are no use when they are burned out. As wonderful Stephanie Lykourgou (Climate Resilience Coach) shared - imagine penguins huddling together to keep warm. Those on the outside will get cold at some point, and will need to come back in the middle of the huddle to warm up so that the other ones who are already warm will take their place. If they remain cold they wont be able to keep the others warm for long. So take a break, a holiday, slow down - do what you need to do to build you your own capacity to drive change further.

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